The Pharmaceutical Record

Le Dossier Pharmaceutique

The Pharmaceutical Record (DP) is a professional tool intended to secure the dispensing of drugs for the benefit of the health of patients.
This was created by the law of 30 January 2007 relating to the organisation of certain healthcare professions. A new Article in the Code de la sécurité sociale conferred upon the Pharmaceutical Record its legal standing and entrusted to the National Council of the Chamber of Pharmacists [CNOP] the responsibility for implementing it.

The Code de la santé publique was modified thus (art. L.1111-23): “In order to encourage the co-ordination, quality, and continuity of treatments and the safety of the dispensing of drugs (…), a Pharmaceutical Record has been created, for each health insurance beneficiary, subject to their consent. If the patient has no objection to the pharmacist accessing their Pharmaceutical Record and adding to it, all dispensing pharmacists are required to complete information for the Pharmaceutical Record whenever drugs are dispensed.
The information in this dossier that is relevant to the co-ordination of treatments is reported in the personal medical record under the conditions laid down in Article L.1111-15.
The implementation of the Pharmaceutical Record is provided by the National Council of the Chamber of Pharmacists referred to in Article L. 4231-2 of the Code de la santé publique.”

In addition to its deployment with the national population, the Pharmaceutical Record is also a professional tool that evolves to fulfil other objectives related to ensuring healthcare safety.

Medical alerts

Currently, thanks to the Pharmaceutical Record [DP] computerised network, it is possible simultaneously to disseminate a medical alert to all connected community pharmacies in Metropolitan France or in the Overseas Territories [DOM] in just a few minutes. The Chamber is now thus a relay point for “DGS Urgent” alerts from the Direction générale de la santé [Directorate-General for Health Care].

Recalls and withdrawals of batches of drugs

From November 2011, recalls and withdrawals of batches of drugs are transmitted only via the Pharmaceutical Record computerised network. In this way all pharmacies connected to the Pharmaceutical Record network [DP] are notified in real time and can act without delay in order to remove from sale the drugs concerned, and this can be done 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. The pharmacies not connected are notified within a few hours by fax or by letter.
This new, very rapid means of passing information has been created in partnership with AFSSAPS and industrial companies.

The decompartmentalisation of “town and hospital”

The National Council of the Chamber of Pharmacists and the General Management of the healthcare services / Direction générale de l’offre de soins (DGOS) of the Ministry of health have conducted trials with the DP network in healthcare establishments.
The objective is to place the patient at the centre of concerns and to ensure the safety of the dispensing of drugs whether delivered in a town pharmacy or in a pharmacy in a healthcare establishment.
Further trials are planned.

Modified: 20/12/2016