The pharmaceutical record

You look after your health, you wish to benefit from personalised advice and you would like to have greater security: the Pharmaceutical Record [Dossier Pharmaceutique] (DP) meets your needs.

Drugs constitute a benefit for the improvement of health. As active substances, they must be taken advisedly. Pharmacists, as drugs specialists, look after patients’ health and the correct use of drugs.

Several million French people already benefit from the advantages offered by DP, but what is it?

The Pharmaceutical Record is a professional tool developed for public health and for patients. It enables:

  • pharmacists to have an overall view of treatments dispensed, regardless of the pharmacy where they were delivered;
  • the avoidance on a day to day basis of risks of drug interactions and redundancies in treatment.

The objectives of the Pharmaceutical Record (Article L.1111-23  of the Code de la santé publique) are to support the co-ordination, quality, continuity of treatments and the safety of dispensing drugs, products and objects defined in Article L.4211-1 .

The law entrusts to the National Council of the Chamber of Pharmacists, as the guarantor of the ethics of the profession, the organisation and operation of the DP.

Having been deployed throughout virtually all community pharmacies, trials have been carried out with Helath Minister’s services for the initiation of deployment within a healthcare establishment.


The DP circuit

Schéma circuit DP


Modified: 06/11/2015